Vastu Advice Do's And Donts

Published: 26th July 2011
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There are five basic elements of the universe, called sky , earth, water and fire and wind. If we define vastu in simple words it means physical environment around us. So here we are going to discuss few things that could matter to almost everybody.

The science of vastu relies in the restructuring your house, office into specific directing and portions that accentuates to perfect harmony. The vastu starts from the place or plot where you plan to construct your home or office. That is the reason why we suggest to go through the article if you are planning to buy property; here are some do’s and donts which will guide you to suitably make decision concerning to chose and adjust place prudently

Following are the DONT’s:-

Go for flat and leveled plot if you are planning for home. Even if its sloping, It shouldn’t be slooping in downwards direction either in north or east.

Completely avoid the places where there is any crematory or sepulture ground

Plot between two larger plots should not be employed as it is considered inauspicious and may result in improvisement .

Prefer a plot with obstruction; choose the one with south or west facing rather than eastern or northern side. This even could propitious impediment if they block the winds from the west and they are untoward they block the sun rays from reaching inside homes

Avoid buying plots very adjacent or near to temple, make sure than temples shadow doesn’t falls on the home and it shouldn’t be facing the temple.

Succeeding are the DO’s:-

For commercial and business purposes green, yellow or sour plot is preferred. For scholars, priests, teachers plots facing east are enhancing. For government employees and those who work for power and administration, plot facing north is considered auspicious.

Water source in north and north-east direction is considered auspicious; let it be an underground water source, some river, pond, swimming pool etc.

Rectangular, circular or gomukhi plot is considered auspicious and the plot with more length in eastwards direction is considered beneficial for purchasing purposes.

A plot which faces roads from all the four sides is considered very propitious. A square plot is also very auspicious and brings in prosperity and wealth.

The faults which cannot be removed by astrology and rituals are also removed with the help of vastu. It acts as an obstacle against diseases and disasters. So, for success in all fields you must consult vastu.

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