5 Tips for Decorating a Small Studio Apartment

Published: 06th July 2011
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Lack of space is not just the problem for interior designers but whole lots of the people are facing such situation where living spaces getting smaller and smaller. Its tricky situation for all of us, as the room is shrinking to its minimum level. Small studio apartments challenge both the designers and residents with their limited to make it more spacious, efficient and productive. There is always a question, how we going to fit so much in such a small space. Here are few tips that will figure out how to do it very elegantly and efficiently.

Un-clutter everything

Common understanding is required to un-clutter everything that is not just required. Make sure that it does not appear small and cluttered. Make it rule that you will only buy things that are absolutely required and phase-out anything else that isnít required everyday life and taking much your space. Unlike large apartments, there isnít any logic keeping stuff for more aesthetics. Utility should be the priority.

Create a well-defined and sufficient storage space

When you into studio apartment, make sure you have sufficiently large storage space concealed to hold your most of stuff that you canít throw away. It must be spacious and well structured to hide and conceal and well maintained.

Make specific areas and stick to a single flowing theme

A studio apartment need single treatment to give it flow throughout, this way it looks spacious. Donít overdo the design element as result complicating things. Keep it simple is the mantra. Create well defined areas and rooms that doesnít encroach one another. Measure the space and corners and buy the furniture that fit exactly to the space.

Lighting and dividers

In Small studio apartments, it may become mandatory to use dividers to demarcate the space. It is better to use thin transparent glasses but for privacy you can also go for woods. Use of glass or any other divider depends upon personal preferences. Lighting also plays important part to bring out the beauty of the apartment to make it look less or more congested.

Buy smart, space-conscious furniture

Spacious furniture with storage space:

In the age where multi tasking isnít just fashion but requirement, same goes with the furniture too, same ways choose the furniture that could save you space and hide some stuffs into it. For example, buy a sofa that will double up to be a bed and smaller bathtubs that will fit quietly to any corner of the bathroom.

Designing a small studio apartment, bring all the kind of challenges with it. To perfectly transform it into a little cozy hub, it will require lot of imagination and ability to be resourceful. every house and personal requirements are different for everybody, look around to get some better idea or you can find some really good images on freshome.com to give some really good ideas about how to manage your small studio apartments.

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